Abbie (abbierose) wrote in queer_weddings,

Custom Wedding Favors


I am an artist, and I make custom wedding favors - these favors can be customized to be Bride/Bride or Groom/Groom too! Thought you guys might be interested -

I make pocket mirrors, and I drew 5 different brides, and 6 different grooms that I can color to your wedding/skin/hair colors and totally customize with your names, dates, phrases, etc. They're pretty cool. They make great wedding favors, or great Bridal Shower gifts, or Bridal Party gifts - they're a lot of fun. Pretty affordable too, for the amount of customization that goes into them. For this price you can usually just get run of the mill stuff. I can make these for you as pocket mirrors, or magnets. These make great "save the date" magnets too. They're all 2 and a quarter inch around and highly professional.

These are slated to be reviewed and featured in the next issue of The Knot, when they get popular from that, I will probably end up raising my prices to keep up with the demand, so if you want them, don't wait!

More info on my blog post that I'm linking to here:
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