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queer weddings
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in we're here, we're queer and we're getting married!'s LiveJournal:

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Wednesday, January 12th, 2011
10:58 pm
Wedding Wishes
Hi there,

My name is El, I'm 27 and a bride-to-be. I'm also a web developer and in the process of setting up a wedding community website called "Wedding Wishes" at http://www.weddingwishes.co

I'm looking to get the ball rolling and encourage some communication on the forums before I actually launch the site, and as such, I'd love to invite the community to join for free and even receive a couple of freebies I picked up while doing some marketing for work. There's a fantastic ebook worth $40 that you can download for free that claims to save you thousands. Not sure how accurate that is in practice, but I've read it and it is actually really good... and really very free!

Anyway, I'd love to see all of you over at Wedding Wishes to claim your membership and free goodies. Feel free to add my personal journal or message me if you have any questions or need a hand.

I apologise if some of you got caught in a cross-post or if this isn't an appropriate intro. Mods - please delete this message if you feel it lacks value to the community.

Wonderful to meet you all,
Wednesday, March 17th, 2010
11:04 pm
does anyone still watch this community?
Name (or username): Rachel
Age: 26
Partner's Name (or username): Nicole
Partner's Age: 27
Where You Live: NYC
Where The Wedding Will Be: Provincetown, MA
How You met: okcupid...but we were actually just looking to make queer friends
The Engagement (who proposed to who, and how): She proposed on top of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The trip was for her birthday so it was completely unexpected.
The Wedding Date (if set): August 2011. Exact date will depend on what the availability is at the venue we choose.
Family/Friend Reactions: beyond thrilled...many tears were shed
Wedding Details You'd Like To Share: We want a beach-ish wedding...in view of the beach but not standing in the sand. I think we found the perfect spot, which we are taking a road trip to visit this weekend. Cross your fingers...
Monday, March 30th, 2009
3:58 pm
Contact me
Hi!! Have questions? Want to be anonymous? Well send me your questions. It is safe and your identify will not be given out. If your question is chosen it will be posted to</b></b></a></a></b></a>tswithtammysmth along with a response. A private response will also follow. All topics are welcome. From the weird to the norm, fetishes, fun, family or just a person to vent to. Visit me here on LJ or email me at   T.S.with TammySmith@gmail.com


Current Mood: mellow
Wednesday, June 25th, 2008
1:26 pm
community promo - mod approved


I've started a community devoted to wedding flowers--weddingflowers. Please join and post pictures or questions or ideas related to flowers for your big day. I am a florist and will be posting lots of pictures and would be happy to give advice. I'm looking forward to being inspired in return!
Friday, June 13th, 2008
12:00 am
TWO free photography offer for same-sex couples!
in addition to bella pictures' offer (link: http://www.bellapictures.com/dayone ), another photographer is offering free wedding pictures to SF bay area same-sex couples marrying june 16th and 17th (link: "http://brunkblog.com/2008/06/12/free-wedding-coverage-on-june-16th-and-17th-at-sf-city-hall/ )

i'm already planning MY same-sex wedding at my UU church for a different date, but i hope someone else will be able to take advantage! :)

(x-posted all over)

Current Mood: chipper
Monday, January 28th, 2008
4:16 pm
Name (or username): Wren

Age: 27

Partner's Name (or username): Mel

Partner's Age: 26

Where You Live: Canada

Where The Wedding Will Be: Canada

How You met: Through a friend

The Engagement (who proposed to who, and how): I proposed. It wasn't that romantic. I just asked her while we were doing homework.

The Wedding Date (if set): August 2009. No specific date yet.

Family/Friend Reactions (did your grandma write you out of the will? did you father ask to walk you down the aisle?): Nothing unexpected. My parents were happy, hers were less so. But we've been living together for well over 3 years, so it wasn't a surprise to anyone.

Wedding Details You'd Like To Share: Nothing much planned yet!
Thursday, November 15th, 2007
8:39 pm
okay here's the deal
so, i'm your sole mod and maintainer, as well as the owner of the community. however, over the last year-and-some-change i've been seriously involved with a boy (bio boy) and so...queer weddings no longer really applies to me. i would really like to give this community over to someone who wants to be involved in/with it and help make it good.

i think it's a really valuable community and has a lot of potential. i'm just not able/willing to help nurture it.

so first person who wants it...gets it. 
Monday, August 6th, 2007
2:34 pm
Disposable Cameras
I'm trying to find somewhere that I can buy disposable cameras for not too much money to use at my wedding in October. Does anyone have any recommendations as to brands or places to get a good deal?

Thanks in advance!
Saturday, July 14th, 2007
6:40 pm
Custom Handmade Wedding Invitations
Mods, if this isn't allowed here please delete it. I checked the profile page but didn't see anything forbidding this type of thing.

Hi everyone, my name is Larissa and I'm trying to start up my own handmade invitation business which would cater to anybody who wanted individual and unique invitations for any event they might be planning. I'm working on setting up my webpage (www.invitationsbylarissa.com) but I don't have many samples ready to go up on my website. I was hoping some of you could help me out with that.

Have any of you thought about hiring someone to handmake your wedding invtations but just couldn't afford it? Maybe I can help you out while you help me out. As a "going into business sale" I would work with you to create your dream wedding invitation at a discount over what other people would charge you. This obviously would help you out because you'd be getting a unique, one of a kind, wedding invitation for your special day, and it would help me out by giving me more samples to photograph for my website and hopefully get my business started.

If anybody is interested you can comment here with your email address or email me directly at invitations.by.larissa@gmail.com

Also if any of you know of any good websites or LJ communities I could advertise this deal in that would be wonderful. I'm also going to be doing birth announcements, baby shower invites, graduation invites, birthday invites, baby and bridal shower invitations, bachelorette party invites, and pretty much anything else you can think of so if you know anybody else who might need invitations or announcements made up for other events please pass the word on!

Thanks so much!

PS. If you want to see samples of my work, go to my LJ page!
Thursday, July 12th, 2007
10:05 am
I just wanted to take a second to vent. I just want to say that it makes me REALLY REALLY ANGRRRYYYYY that every time my wedding comes up in my family, the conversation gets all political about weather or not homosexuality is a sin. My wedding is not a party about sin. My wedding is a party about love.

"I'm not radical, I don't love you to make a point"- Catie Curtis
Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007
11:19 pm
honeymoon locations?
Hey, all--

So I'm working on something that may become a magazine article about queer couples' honeymoons...and I'd love some ideas. If you're up for it...

1) Where did you go/will you go? (How far from home?)
2) What were major factors involved in why you chose your honeymoon?
3) If money had been no object, would you have done something different?

To be fair, I'll answer for me and the wife:

We began by taking the train from NY to Miami, drove to Key West, spent two weeks driving up the Atlantic coast to Savannah, GA, stopping along the way in bed-and-breakfasts and with family and friends, and then took the train home. We knew we wanted to do a road trop, because we love traveling together and spending time in the car together, and we picked Florida because we like the climate and we had lots of people to visit. Savannah we went to because we are Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil nerds. If money had been no object, we would have upgraded a few things we did (more expensive hotels, but probably would have kept the trip the same. My original idea was a road trip from Barcelona to Florence...but the wife hates to fly. Oh, and we is broke.

My nascent article idea thanks you!
Thursday, May 10th, 2007
5:11 pm
Custom Wedding Favors

I am an artist, and I make custom wedding favors - these favors can be customized to be Bride/Bride or Groom/Groom too! Thought you guys might be interested -

I make pocket mirrors, and I drew 5 different brides, and 6 different grooms that I can color to your wedding/skin/hair colors and totally customize with your names, dates, phrases, etc. They're pretty cool. They make great wedding favors, or great Bridal Shower gifts, or Bridal Party gifts - they're a lot of fun. Pretty affordable too, for the amount of customization that goes into them. For this price you can usually just get run of the mill stuff. I can make these for you as pocket mirrors, or magnets. These make great "save the date" magnets too. They're all 2 and a quarter inch around and highly professional.

These are slated to be reviewed and featured in the next issue of The Knot, when they get popular from that, I will probably end up raising my prices to keep up with the demand, so if you want them, don't wait!

More info on my blog post that I'm linking to here:
Monday, May 7th, 2007
5:59 pm
I'm in a sociology class at my university, and am writing a paper on same sex marriage, and so I was wondering, how many of you will be getting legally married/civil unioned, and how many are have a ceremony without legal standing? If you're being legally joined, did you just happen to live in one of those lucky states? did you move to the state? or are you waiting until civil unions are made legal in your state? any explanations for the choices you made are welcome too!

also, if you're comfortable sharing, I'd love to know from the lesbians if you're both wearing dresses, if one of you is and the other is wearing a suit, if you're both in suits, etc. this goes for you boys two, if one of you is sporting a dress for the big day. I attend the fashion institute, so clothing choices are always importart parts of every research paper, haha.

if there's anything else of note you want to tell me about your wedding, i'd love to hear it!

I probably won't be using the information in the paper itself, I'm just trying to get ideas.

myself, griffin and i are still in college (just two more semesters!) so we have time to figure it out before we even start planning. college is in NYC, where we're hoping to live post-college, but we're both from cleveland, ohio. either way the ceremony will be in Ohio (family lives there, less expensive to host a wedding in cleveland than in new york...), and hopefully it won't be long before civil unions are legal here in new york, so hopefully we'll have legal standing, but if not, we'll probably continue to stay in new york, and simply go sign the papers once it becomes legal, and probably have a party.
oh, and we'll definitely both be in dresses. we're about as femme as you can get.

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007
9:44 am
two things
1) non-femme bride tank tops.  so all the ones i'd seen were in like curly girly superfemme typefaces.  which, as a failed femme, i was going to live with.  BUT, classybride.com has them in a big, all-caps, serif font that my inner failed butch much prefers.

see?  how dykey is that?  i'm so excited.  the wife and i both got them (hers is spaghetti strap, mine is the one pictured) for our bridal shower/bachelorette party this friday. 

oh, we also got a promotion code: 2007 for 15% off.  in case anyone desperately needs a tank top.

2) extremely amusing gay marriage propaganda videos
Wednesday, March 7th, 2007
7:55 pm
GAY MARRIAGE. I posted questions to an interview we did last week. Here are the videos and project that resulted. We are Amy and Jess. I'm on the left in the print shirt. Thanks for everyone's input!


feel free to cruise the rest of the site too!
Thursday, March 1st, 2007
7:34 pm
Hey ya'll. Okay so tomorrow, a reporter from my college's newspaper is interviewing and photograph my partner and I about the anti-gay marriage bill in Indiana congress. We jumped at the chance because we are excited to help put a more human, soft personal face on the gay marriage issue. However, I'm sort of nervous so I was wondering what you all would say. Here are the questions:

2)How important is it to you to be legally binded?
--Is it just the legal aspect of it that is important or is it
something more?

3)What have you done to fight the SJR7 bill?

4)Did you ever consider leaving to a state that allows gay marriage?
--Why/Why not?

5)In your opinion, what would be the greatest impact on the state of
Indiana should the bill pass?

6)Do you feel the bill has a chance of passing?
--Why/Why not?

7)What kind of impact would the bill have on you as a couple, should
the bill pass?

8)In your opinion, why do you feel the state, the country and the world
is so concerned about gay marriage?
--Do you feel it is a problem that will exist for generations to come?

9)If you had the chance to speak one-on-one with the person responsible
for this bill, what would you say to him to change his/her mind?

10)What words of wisdom/encouragement do you have to all those in
Indiana who is fighting for this bill?
10:03 am
Finally...we finished our Save-the-Dates!
Vistaprint had a huge sale in February which knocked the price of 100 magnets in half with the shipping and all. So of course we waited until yesterday the last day of the month to finish what we wanted them to look like, leading to what I think was our first bout with wedding plan stress. I submitted the order at 11:45 last night! But, we make a great team and it was still a lot of fun and we feel accomplished. I think it turned out well and I can't wait to see them in person, shipping will take about two weeks.

They will be attached to card stock which will be printed with a little more information, the location, a website, etc. We aren't sure yet if we are going to hand or computer print the cards.

Click here to see the magnet.Collapse )
Wednesday, February 28th, 2007
3:12 pm
so i know this isn't massively wedding related, but this is the only place i feel i can really vent right now where there are people who REALLY understand my issues.
my rant/vent... enter only if you are brave...Collapse )

i have nothing to add about planning. except that without a solid budget it is next to impossible to do much. david's bridal is have a $99 sale in march. so hopefully we can find and buy our dresses.
Tuesday, February 20th, 2007
10:01 am
Iniviting Family
Hello, first time posting here. I have a question.

I am marrying my girlfriend in October. I'm not sure what to do about inviting extended family. I've not really 'come out' to most of them, though a portion of them certainly know that I'm a lesbian.

How do you know who to invite? Do you have to come out to them first?

Has anyone else dealt with this?
Sunday, February 11th, 2007
9:12 pm
Budget/Venue/Guest list RantCollapse )

x-posted to a few wedding comms and my own journal
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