Emily (brooklynmili) wrote in queer_weddings,

honeymoon locations?

Hey, all--

So I'm working on something that may become a magazine article about queer couples' honeymoons...and I'd love some ideas. If you're up for it...

1) Where did you go/will you go? (How far from home?)
2) What were major factors involved in why you chose your honeymoon?
3) If money had been no object, would you have done something different?

To be fair, I'll answer for me and the wife:

We began by taking the train from NY to Miami, drove to Key West, spent two weeks driving up the Atlantic coast to Savannah, GA, stopping along the way in bed-and-breakfasts and with family and friends, and then took the train home. We knew we wanted to do a road trop, because we love traveling together and spending time in the car together, and we picked Florida because we like the climate and we had lots of people to visit. Savannah we went to because we are Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil nerds. If money had been no object, we would have upgraded a few things we did (more expensive hotels, but probably would have kept the trip the same. My original idea was a road trip from Barcelona to Florence...but the wife hates to fly. Oh, and we is broke.

My nascent article idea thanks you!
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